Calculating SEO ROI

A Simple Formula For Calculating Bronx SEO ROI Statistics

Search engine optimization is considered one of the most important aspects of any successful website.  It is particularly important for individuals who are hoping to make money off a monetized website.  Unfortunately, this SEO element is not as simple to complete as one may originally consider due to the growth in online business.  It does, however, remain as significant for anyone roaming the internet.

In its simplest format, search engine optimization can be considered a form of marketing.  The most successful SEO utilizes target marketing to a certain audience and measuring a return on investment, as is the case with all types of marketing.  The point of this article provides information to identify the three major points that will help calculate your SEO return of investment statistics before beginning a marketing campaign.  The points include supply and demand, conversion, and search engine results page ranking.

1.  Supply And Demand

Measuring Bronx  SEO Expert ROI statistics before beginning a SEO website begins with keyword research regarding the demand of your service or product.  Basically, this involves answering the question of how many people are searching for what you have to offer.  Addressing the number of searchers for your product or service is a core issue because it will help you learn if you have a customer base.  Of course, while keyword research into demand is significant it is vital that you avoid conservatism with differing numbers.

If you are unfamiliar with keyword research tools, it is recommended that you begin with the Google Keyword Tool.  This is a simple method to use if you are choosing to use a DIY approach.  However, if you wish to conduct professional keyword research, it may be better to purchase keyword research software or hire professional services.

Once you have results regarding major keyword choices, it is recommended that you place them on a spreadsheet to track competitor modules.  The number of specific domains and indexed links to the site will have a direct impact on how your site will rank; as well as how much topical authority the website has.  Placing these numbers from your site against numbers of other sites will provide information on the supply to customers.

2.  Search Engine Results Page Ranking

Obviously, first place rankings on search engine results pages have a significant increase on the growth for search traffic.  Reaching this level can be difficult and by the time a user reaches the bottom of the first page, the chances are their traffic percentage is dwindling.  Research has shown that the percentage of search users who search for specific results are based on the order of appearance on the search engine results page or SERP.  If the numbers on SERP are close to matching up, then this is good BronxSEOExpert  SEO ROI statistics.  If the numbers do not match, then there is a requirement to relook the keywords being used.

3.  Conversion

Conversion does not receive much attention among SEO with many people being more concerned with the SERP SEO ROI statistics.  If, however, you are hoping for sales, it is recommended that you track goals using analytics to measure sales directly.  Setting up funnels can be useful as it measures the stages at which customers enter their information to be contacted by you.

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